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Fight for the Lost

"Me? I'm here to kill!"

Thanks soloists for two years of Fat Turians, Smashbros, Mordus, rage-gels, rage-quits, devices, sub-20s, sub-100s, and all the craziness that has gone on in here. It's been a pleasure! I have no doubt we'll still be going right up until release day of the next mass effect game, so here's to the next year!

And now, it's my pleasure to pass the proverbial mic to x3lander, an N7 officer of the Themed Challenge Group also known for his Insanity duos and his Geth Scannerless soloing style, to introduce his new multi-week themed series: 

Every one of us has had their very own unique journey along with the Mass Effect series. I was captivated with ME1's atmosphere and story. Then came out ME2 and it was beyond awesome. I also discovered a rich community where I could talk about the game, discuss tactics, get inspired and so much more. While ME3 SP left a sour taste in my mouth, to put it politely, I still adore the world that BioWare built and remember fondly my time spent in it (well, at least the part that was untainted before the third installment). I wanted to pay homage to that world and those characters, and also to give thanks to all the BSNers who inspired me and taught my to play the game better, whether through their posts or their videos. Here is my humble attempt to do so. I hope you enjoy it!

Gold, Platinum
Challenge Rules

Duo and Trio Challenges:

- Not permitted:

  • Armored Compartments or Geth Scanner
  • Medi-gel use on objective waves and extraction wave. ( For those of us who reload-cancel with medi-gel and may accidentally revive themselves, one strike is allowed for duos and two strikes for trios.)
  • Pizza-running or Hack-glitching
  • Level 4 consumables (Gold)
  • Cyclonics (Gold)
  • Cyclonics level 4 (Platinum)

- Only one squad member is allowed use of missiles (but they can be use them at any time). That member must be one of the following: Shepard, Miranda, Jacob, Garrus.

- Full Extraction is required.

Solo Challenges:

- Not permitted:

  • Armored Compartments or Geth Scanner
  • Level 4 consumables (Gold)

- Mission Successful is required.

- Waves Survived medal requirements are waived on Platinum (unless specifically stated otherwise).

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