Submission Guide

Challenge completion submissions

To submit a challenge completion, reply to the Themed Challenges and Halls of Fame thread on the BSN Unofficial Forum in the following format:

Challenge Series

Challenge Name


Duration - Player1 | Player2 | Player3 | Player4 - Platform | Notes [v]

Submission entry example for solo challenges

19:53 - Miranda_LawsoN7 - 10 WS [v]

Submission entry example for duo, trio and team challenges

23:37 - clydeintheshell | RBhershey98 | darlingdoor - PS3 [v]

Solo run (Platinum Solo or Gold Spreedrun) submissions

To submit a Platinum Solo or a Gold Speedrun, reply to the Platinum Solos Hall of Fame or Gold Speedruns Hall of Fame threads on the BSN Unofficial Forum in the following format:


Player | Date | Duration | Firebase | Enemy | Weapons | Platform | Notes [v]

The solo must have Mission Successful to be archived (Full Extraction isn't required). Modded runs must include the keyword "Modded" among the notes and the mods used should be detailed in the post. For Gold Speedruns, only objective modding (i.e. removing undesirable objectives), the Crusader fix, the talon hotkey fix for PC, and miscellaneous FOV/appearance mods are allowed.

Entry rules for all submissions

  • Duration should be specified as hh:mm:ss
  • The entry should itself be a link to a screenshot or a video
  • If the link is a video, include "[v]" at the end of the entry
  • Only one link per submission can be archived
  • If platform is omitted, we assume it's PC