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A database of Themed Challenges, Platinum Solos and Gold Speedruns for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer


This site is the home of fan-made Themed Challenges for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and an archive of game records volunteered by the players. We collect records and maintain leaderboards for Platinum Solos, Gold Speedruns and matches done in response to Themed Challenges. To have your match archived, follow the instructions in the Submission Guide. You can learn more about the project on the About page.

At the moment, the database holds records for:



Contrary to a previous announcement, the GHOF was ​not​ completely transferred -- until now. The Flawless, 10 WS and No Rockets runs too slow to qualify for the main page on the old site have been added to the database during the past few weeks. 

In other news, the HOFs are getting updated more or less regularly, but due to poor organization, we made no announcements here. Apologies to any and all whose achievements were not duly recognized! We'll try to do better with future updates.

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The Collector

Battle Collectors on Reactor using Vorcha Hunter with Collector Sniper Rifle in this Solo challenge from Omega on Fire.

Grosalgen (Finale)

Battle Collectors on White (Hazard) using Vorcha Hunter with Kishock Harpoon Gun in this Duo challenge from Themed Duo Challenges 2.

This Is It, Isn't It?

Battle Reapers on London using Human Sentinel with N7 Hurricane in this Duo challenge from Tales from the Trenches.

Purgatory's Revenant

Battle Cerberus on Ghost using Turian Soldier with M-76 Revenant in this Solo challenge from Weekly Themed Solos 2.


Enter the Halls of Fame!

For Tuchanka

Complete 16 challenges of different types on Gold or Platinum in this series dedicated to the krogan and their inhospitable homeworld, Tuchanka.

Delta Squad

Complete 6 challenges on Gold or Platinum in this full-team miniseries themed after Star Wars

Weekly Themed Solos 1