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A database of Themed Challenges, Platinum Solos and Gold Speedruns for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer


This site is the home of fan-made Themed Challenges for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and an archive of game records volunteered by the players. We collect records and maintain leaderboards for Platinum Solos, Gold Speedruns and matches done in response to Themed Challenges. To have your match archived, follow the instructions in the Submission Guide. You can learn more about the project on the About page.

At the moment, the database holds records for:



OMG! The PHOF is up to date again after the staggering 8-month hiatus. Among the 160 new entries that have piled up since last summer, the most notable achievement is that of bialakawa, who has done a platinum solo with every character of ME3MP (with the cumulative time of 1d 4h 23m)  and earned the prestigious title of the Council Fleet Admiral. Congrats!

Kudos are also due to all the members of our tiny (but indestructible!) community who have submitted Platinum Solos in our long absence. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

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The Gozu District (Trio)

Battle Collectors on Ghost using Batarian Slasher with AT-12 Raider in this Trio challenge from N7 Triune Trials.

Retake Omega Chronicles, Part 3 - The Intangible Is Unstoppable (Trio)

Battle Cerberus on Goddess using Vorcha Hunter with Blood Pack Punisher in this Trio challenge from N7 Triune Trials.

The Blood Pack

Battle Reapers on Reactor using Krogan Warlord with Graal Spike Thrower in this Team challenge from For Tuchanka.


Battle Collectors on White using Krogan Soldier with M-300 Claymore in this Trio challenge from Fight for the Lost.


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Operation Supernova

Complete 8 trio and 7 solo challenges on Gold or Platinum in the last series posted on BSN Prime

N7 Challenge Series

Complete 21 solo challenges of growing difficulty on Silver, Gold or Platinum to earn the coveter N7 title.

Omega on Fire

Complete 16 challenges of all types on Gold or Platinum in a series focused on Omega and the exquisite chaos therein