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Contrary to a previous announcement, the GHOF was ​not​ completely transferred -- until now. The Flawless, 10 WS and No Rockets runs too slow to qualify for the main page on the old site have been added to the database during the past few weeks. 

In other news, the HOFs are getting updated more or less regularly, but due to poor organization, we made no announcements here. Apologies to any and all whose achievements were not duly recognized! We'll try to do better with future updates.


OMG! The PHOF is up to date again after the staggering 8-month hiatus. Among the 160 new entries that have piled up since last summer, the most notable achievement is that of bialakawa, who has done a platinum solo with every character of ME3MP (with the cumulative time of 1d 4h 23m)  and earned the prestigious title of the Council Fleet Admiral. Congrats!

Kudos are also due to all the members of our tiny (but indestructible!) community who have submitted Platinum Solos in our long absence. Thank you, and keep up the good work!


We have transferred the rest of the Gold Speedruns from the old site, so that part of the archive is now complete! I invite you to help us check for inevitable errors by randomly clicking some runs to see if the data here corresponds to the linked video/screenshot. Sadly, many of the links are old and dead. We decided to preserve the dead URLs and deal with that later. But any other problem (for example, mismatched character or map) should be reported in the GHOF thread. Thank you!


It's been a week since site launch and things are moving much faster than I expected! Our curators have been working at a break-neck pace to bring the archives up to date. Most of the effort so far has gone into transferring hundreds of Gold Speedruns from the old site to the new; that's about half-way done.

But! The Halls of Fame for Themed Challenges have been updated with almost all submissions made since the last update of the old site in September 2020. Here are the highlights:

Meanwhile, I've fixed a few bugs and did a minor overhaul of the visual elements, especially here on the home page. You can now find the latest additions to the database in the cards above (the solo and challenge runs) and click the player/team names in leaderboards to see their profiles, among other improvements. Let me know of any other features you'd like!