This site is the home of fan-made Themed Challenges for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and an archive of game records volunteered by the players. The archive comprises Platinum Solos, Gold Speedruns and Themed Challenges with their respective Halls of Fame. It is the companion to the following threads on the Bioware Social Network Unofficial Forums (hereafter just BSN):

Mass Effect 3 (ME3) is the third game in the action-RPG franchise created by Bioware. Despite its focus on single-player gameplay, it sports a cooperative multiplayer (MP) that was a huge success when the game was new, and still boasts a small but dedicated community of players. ME3MP was designed and balanced for teams of four players, so trio (three players), duo (two players) and solo (one player) games are progressively harder on any difficulty; and gold and platinum are the highest difficulties. On top of that, Themed Challenges, as a rule, aim to make the game even harder by imposing additional constraints. On many levels, this database captures the extraordinary deeds of some of the most skilled ME3MP players.

The community archives date all the way back to 2012, when ME3 was released. Originally, they were organized in discussion threads on the official Bioware Social Network forums (BSN Prime). The Platinum Solos Hall of Fame (PHOF) archive was established by INVADERONE and later maintained by loufi; the Gold Speedruns Hall of Fame (GHOF) was founded and managed until recently by TheTechnoTurian; and Themed Challenges and Halls of Fame (TCHOF) were created and maintained by Prestacious until the shut-down of BSN Prime in 2016. At that time, the three corresponding threads (linked above) were recreated on BSN and the community archives moved to a dedicated website generously sponsored by Prestacious (the old website). Management of the PHOF passed on to Smehur and later DocSteely; and of the TCHOF, to Smehur and ex-Clusum. In the current installment, all the archives are managed by a group of curators under the wise and benevolent dictatorship of Smehur, who reformed the archives into a database and authored this website. All the current and past contributors are listed in Contributors’ Hall of Fame.

At the moment, the archives hold records for 438 challenges, 516 players, 656 teams, 5821 solo runs on gold and platinum, 8506 challenge runs and 275 leaderboards.


You can get in touch with us using any of the three BSN threads linked above. To have your match archived, please follow the instructions in the Submission Guide.

Known issues

A to-do/wish list with known issues can be found at GitHub. Please check it out before reporting problems or making suggestions/requests.

Change log

Date App Version DB Version Changes
2-Apr-21 1.8 1.3
  • Reformed the main menu
  • Enabled links to PHOF and GHOF runs with special notes
  • Added links to enemy stats and wave composition spreadsheets and the BSN threads
  • Added some text to the About page
29-Mar-21 1.7 1.3
  • Implemented basic blog for news
  • Added blurbs to challenge series for front page cards
  • Implemented PHOF leaderboards: Council Fleet Admiral, Councilor, N7, Weapons Master, Special Alliance Admiral
25-Mar-21 1.6 1.2
  • Implemented team leaderboards for N7 Triune Trials
  • Fixed issue with unwanted decimals in cumulative times for N7 leaderboards
  • Fixed issue with repeated random challenges/series on the front page
  • Improved logging
23-Mar-21 1.5 1.1 Enabled logging
20-Mar-21 1.4 1.1 Enabled images for Maps and Leaderboards
19-Mar-21 1.3 1.1 Added "All Challenges in Series" team leaderboard selector
14-Mar-21 1.2 1.0 Design update with a number of minor quality-of-life improvements
07-Mar-21 1.1 1.0 Initial public release
05-Mar-21 1.0 1.0 Test release