Challenge Series Details

Outlier Solo Series

Be the Stuff of Legend

The war has persisted for what seems like an eternity. Morale is down, injuries are accumulating and consumables are dwindling. 

A change is needed. Something must shift the balance in our favor. The Council and the Alliance have outlined strategic, unexpected solo missions that could cripple the enemies and create various weak points. Now they need the soldiers to execute these almost impossible tasks.

The Various Military forces of the Galaxy have combined resources and have begun to dig through their respective Historical Archives in search of any and all truly exceptional individuals in the Galaxy. They need the brightest and strongest. They need the best. They need the outliers.

The following Dossiers have been compiled for review...

Challenge Rules

These challenge rules are a little more extensive than in other series. This is mainly to create difficult but not overly tedious challenges. I think these are some of the tougher challenges out there because of the combination of these rules and the kits/maps/enemies. After all, these are Outlier challenges. Good luck N7s!


  • Screenshot or video
  • Full Extraction

Not permitted:

  • Armored Compartments
  • Cyclonics
  • Geth Scanner
  • Objective-modding
  • “Clever uses of game mechanics” like pizza-running, hack-glitching, incendiary/warp ammo glitches,  6/6/6/6/6 or missile glitching
  • Missiles allowed only on objective waves and extraction
Halls of Fame
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