Challenge Series Details

N7 Challenge Series

Each N-rank from 1 to 7 must be earned by completing 3 progressively more difficult themed solos. The solos on average tend to get progressively more difficult both within the N-rank and as a whole from N1 to N7 and are meant to be completed in sequence. Feel free to complete these challenges in any order you like, although to be granted an N-status, you will have had to have completed all previous challenges and all three challenges within that N-rank.

Silver, Gold, Platinum
Challenge Rules

Silver and Gold:

  • Full Extraction required
  • Armored Compartments not permitted


  • Mission Successful required
  • Armored Compartments permitted
  • Medal and Waves Survived requirements are waived
  • You may carry the Scorpion as a secondary weapon in N3.3 and N6.3, but it can only be used against Phantoms
  • You may carry the Acolyte as a secondary weapon in N7.1, but it can only be used against Phantoms
  • You may replace the Shuriken with CSMG in N7.3

NotePersonal Gold Medals include Killstreaks and Waves Survived but not Mission Successful or Full Extraction

Halls of Fame
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