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Kirrahe Airlines

Special thanks again to all the supporters of this thread. It's hard to believe we just hit 5000 posts! As a thank you and as Krauser's Bonus 5000th post winning challenge, I present the Kirrahe Airlines mini-series!

As you may or may not know, Krauser came up with the Kirrahe airlines idea in reference to Phantoms flying over the edge on Jade (and all over the place) with the Venom shotgun. She would then say, "thank you for flying Kirrahe Airlines, have an explosive flight!" I think that's pretty hilarious. 

And with that, Kirrahe Airlines was founded.

Gold, Platinum
Challenge Rules
  • Armored Compartments not permitted
  • Objective modding not permitted
  • Pizza-running and hack-glitching not permitted
  • Missiles only on objective waves and extraction for duos and trios
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