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Project Blackwatch

In light of recent military successes with Outlier and Veteran recruitment and tactical deployment across the Galaxy, there seems to be a reprieve in The Reapers’ attack. They are recalculating. They did not expect such a dedicated opposition and the ensuing casualties. Now is the time to attack. We must hit them when they are vulnerable. We will strike when they have no plan, when there forces are sprawled and reeling from our previous assaults. It is time to initiate Project Blackwatch.

“A team of exceptionally skilled Special Ops soldiers, Blackwatch is sent on missions that threaten the safety of Palaven itself. It was pulled from the homeworld by order of Primarch Adrien Victus, who wanted to mobilize this elite force in less hopeless situations across the galaxy. The majority of Blackwatch's operations are classified, although it's generally accepted that they have the highest success rate of any Turian unit in history. There are rumors that Saren Arterius was part of Blackwatch before becoming a Spectre, although--given his youth when he joined the Turian army--it seems highly unlikely.”

Special thanks to everyone who has supported the Themed Solo and Themed Duo threads over the past year. This was going to just be a single solo bonus challenge to celebrate 50k views, but turned into an Anniversary Challenge Series.

Silver, Gold, Platinum
Challenge Rules

Solo and Duo challenges can be played on Silver, Gold and Platinum difficulties. Trio and Team challenges only on Gold and Platinum.

All Challenges:

  • Mission successful required, with screenshot or video
  • “Clever use of in-game mechanics” like pizza-running, hack-glitching and incendiary glitch not permitted

Team/Trio/Duo Challenges:

  • Armored compartments not permitted
  • Missiles only permitted on objective waves and extraction (except for Platinum Duos, where they are permitted on any wave)

Solo Challenges:

  • Armored Compartments only permitted on Platinum
  • Missiles permitted on any wave
Halls of Fame
Silver | Gold | Platinum
Player | Team