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Set 5.II
Challenge Series
Themed Duo Challenges 1
NO (this challenge is required for series completion)
Silver, Gold, Platinum
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Halls of Fame
Silver | Gold | Platinum

Set 5 - Invaluable Synergy
Challenge II - Ardat-Yakshi

'Ardat-Yakshi (meaning 'Demon of the Night Winds' in an old asari dialect) is a rare genetic condition in asari, specifically affecting their nervous systems. Although the condition does not harm the asari, during mating the Ardat-Yakshi's nervous system completely overpowers and dominates that of her mates, causing hemorrhage of the victim's brain and ultimately death in extreme cases. As a result, the Ardat-Yakshi becomes smarter, stronger and deadlier after each encounter. Ardat-Yakshi also have the innate ability to dominate the minds of others. 

Falere, Rila and Morinth, all daughters of Samara, have the lethal version of this condition. Morinth chose to embrace her condition, while Falere and Rila opted for a life of peaceful seclusion.' We discover however, that the Reapers have utilized this genetic anomaly to their advantage. They create Banshees from the Ardat Yakshi.

Falere and Rila are targeted directly by the Reapers. Help determine the fate of the Asari sisters on their homeworld, Thessia.

Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Goddess

  • On Gold, earn 5 Waves Survived, 50 Biotic Kills and 50 Assists each
  • On Platinum, earn 50 Biotic Kills and 50 Assists each

Note: Special thanks to kaxas92 for the idea of a primer/detonate challenge.

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