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Peak 15 (Veteran-Insanity-Legendary)
Week 7
Challenge Series
Weekly Themed Solos 1
NO (this challenge is required for series completion)
Silver, Gold, Platinum
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Halls of Fame
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Week 7: Peak 15

Saren joined forces with the Matriarch Benezia early in his attempt to gain control of the geth. He acted as an independent investor, interested in research on Geth technology, and placed Benezia at the helm of the Peak 15 research facility, on Noveria. A number of Geth willingly pursued Saren as well, convinced of his motives. They were called Heretics and shunned by the remaining resistent Geth community.

However, the operation on Noveria was promptly interrupted by Commander Shepard. Benezia and the Geth Heretics were destroyed. That is, all but one Geth Juggernaut were destroyed. The sole Juggernaut remained behind, slowly repairing its neural networks and the damage it had sustained.

One crisp morning, the Juggernaut Heretic was born anew and was reconnected to the Geth network. It had no recollection of the reaper Sovereign. It is as if it had been re-written (thanks to the far-away actions of Legion and Shepard). The juggernaut now fully understood the reaper threat and resolved to re-join and fight alongside the Geth community even as a lone Geth, holding the line on the remote and frigid Noveria, in the Pax system.


  • Full Extraction on Firebase White vs Reaper with Geth Juggernaut Soldier
  • Earn 10 waves survived medal

Note: This challenge is for pizzaking666, who has been wanting a Juggy challenge since day 1

Characters & Weapons
Geth Juggernaut | Geth Pulse Rifle