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Reach the Normandy
Set 4.III - Bonus
Challenge Series
Themed Duo Challenges 1
YES (this challenge is not required for series completion)
Silver, Gold, Platinum
Challenge Type
Halls of Fame
Silver | Gold | Platinum

Set 4 - New Beginnings
Challenge III - Reach the Normandy

For this special new beginnings bonus challenge, we are taken back to the start of the final chapter of the mass effect trilogy. As we discover that Earth is under attack and that the Reapers Shepard had warned about have made contact, we are forced to go against our instinct. Rather than stand our ground and battle for our home, friends and families, we are forced to execute a critical mission: a plan with a greater purpose in mind, the salvation of the Human race as a whole. We need the help of the galaxy with this new and horrifying development. We will rise to the challenge.


  • On Gold: Pistols only until the start of wave 4. Earn 6 Personal Medals each (Bronze, Silver, or Gold; Waves Survived and Killstreak medals each count as 1 medal for both players; having 2 Waves Survived medals still only counts as 1)
  • On Platinum: Pistols only until the start of wave 3.

Note: Special Thanks to Shorthorn-HH for this great challenge idea.

Happy New Year, BSN!

Characters & Weapons
Human Soldier | N7 Valkyrie | M-3 Predator
Battlefield Soldier | M-55 Argus | M-3 Predator