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Tales from the Trenches
Hamletic Tortoise

I appreciate the assist, Garrus.
- Wrex

​Among the many sins ME3 committed, its inability to show the breadth of the conflict engulfing the galaxy remains one of the biggest ones to me. The constant focus on Shepard and his/her epic journey, so necessary for plot advancement, came at the cost of failing to show the desperate struggle against the overwhelming odds experienced by soldiers everywhere. We are told of the war, but we are rarely able to see it. When this project turned from trying to find new duo challenges to run with Emexia into considering a full series, I figured I might try to create some of that scope; the series loosely follows the SP story, and challenges are introduced by small dialogues among crew members of the Normandy (mostly).

Emexia was instrumental in the creation of this series, and I cannot thank her enough; her help in testing the challenges, editing the texts, and sharing feedback was vital; even more importantly, the countless duos we played have provided most of the inspiration, and all of the drive, in creating and completing this series! On top of that, special thanks for collecting the incredible pictures featuring here!

MeroNoir also pitched in, contributing greatly in testing the challenges, and editing the texts. Many thanks for your time and effort in helping making this as good as it could get!

This is my attempt at giving something back, for all the amazing content that Prestacious and the whole community have created and maintained over the years. Your challenges have, without a doubt, been the most fun I have had with this game!

I had a blast coming up with this series; I hope you too will find something to enjoy among these Tales from the Trenches! :)

Gold, Platinum
Challenge Rules

Gold difficulty:

  • Mission Successful on Gold required
  • Armored compartments not permitted
  • Missiles only permitted on objective waves. Not on extraction. 

Platinum difficulty

  • Mission Successful on Platinum required
  • Armored compartments not permitted

Note: 10 Waves Survived and 3 Killstreaks count as personal gold medals for both players. Additional conditions will be stated in individual challenges.

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