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Themed Duo Challenges 2

Sometimes it's better to share the burden.

‚ÄčThe themed solo challenge thread has been such a privilege to do and be a part of. So, when Hendrix suggested someone make a duo challenge thread, I couldn't resist!

Moreover, soloing regularly is a surefire way to burn out. Many others don't enjoy soloing at all. This thread hopefully will offer a different modality for challenges. A mode that the soloing regulars can enjoy and one that will also attract new participants! Duos can be really fun!

This is also a really great group of players. Feel free to join the group and take part in the discussion, and offer suggestions for challenges!

Silver, Gold, Platinum
Challenge Rules
  • Mission Successful required
  • Armored Compartments not permitted
  • On Silver and Gold, missiles are only permitted on objective waves (but not on extraction)
  • On Silver, all 75 Weapon Kills requirements are dropped to 50
  • 10 Waves Survived and 3 Killstreaks count as Personal Gold Medals for both players
Halls of Fame
Silver | Gold | Platinum
Player | Team